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Murray Natural Health Imaging Center

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About Our Imaging Center in Hastings, NE

At Murray Natural Health Imaging Center, we focus on you, the patient, by using a combination of natural and traditional diagnostics to help harness your body’s ability to heal and self-regulate. We are an imaging center in Hastings, NE, dedicated to providing vital information, guidance, and advice so you can pursue appropriate natural health options. 

Quality Care Starts at the Top 

Our clinic director, Dr. Christopher Murray, DC DABCI, leads our staff with a mixture of caring professionalism combined with experience and training. That means you are treated with respect and compassion while being provided with whole health recommendations based upon preventative screenings and testing. 

Modern Technology that Works for You

The natural prevention we offer is based upon the results we receive through various diagnostic tools such as blood work, neurotransmitter testing, urinalysis, EKG, hair/tissue analysis, and other traditional tests. We provide breast cancer screenings for preventative health with the latest in thermal imaging, which helps our staff identify breast condition and overall breast health status. 

Our 4D ultrasounds are very popular with expectant parents. These stunning images are based on the newest in HD live technology and create heart-warming images of your child. Whatever your need, we are ready to welcome you to our clinic.  

Contact us for additional information on our services. We proudly welcome patients in Hastings, NE, and the surrounding region.